Make sure the quality of concrete for concrete batching & good equipment

Oct 18, 2019

Production ofconcrete mixing plant is the only standard customer choice models, because the amount of production and mixing station is related to the user's needs can be guaranteed, so the choice should depend on this factor to decide. So how do you ensure that the productions of concrete mixing station it?


The actual production ofconcrete batching plant are generally less than the theoretical value of production, such as HZS35 theoretically maximum productivity 35 (m3 / h), the actual productivity may be 25-30 (m3 / h) concrete. Of course, for rural areas in terms of, HZS25 Simple concrete mixing stationgenerally able to meet the required concrete, if production levels are low, may be appropriate to extend the production time is feasible.

Secondly, in order to produce high quality concrete, must find with respect to raw materials, and these materials we also need to prepare adequately, in order to ensure unfettered materials engineering at start.

Finally, concrete mixing station equipment quality also determines the productivity of concrete, the higher the quality, productivity will be higher.

In summary, to get concrete batch plant producing concrete high-quality, high efficiency, high yield must be familiar with the characteristics of the mixing station, the raw material should be prepared and good equipment.