Containerized Haomei Asphalt Mixing Plants with traditional Vibrating Screen Technology for mobile as well as stationary use.

Haomei containerized asphalt mixing Plants are available with many options, including:

1. Cold feed units with various bin capacities.

2. Single or multifuel burners for heavy oil, diesel, gas or coal dust.

3. External and integrated hot storage silos with various capacities.

4. Bitumen tanks in vertical or horizontal design

5. Filler silos with capacities from 50 - 80 m3

6. Fuel tanks

7. Cold- and Hot-recycling

8. Bitumen modification systems (Rubber, Polymer or white Bitumen)

In addition to the advantages achieved by containerization the Haomei CSD Line models with double screen drum technology other considerable energy savings.

Eliminating the hot elevator associated with other tower plants, the Haomei screen drum combines the heating and screening of the minerals in a single process unit. This eliminates process heat loss due to material transportation up to the elevator and the heated minerals also benefit from the conducted heat from the drum shell during screening.