Electric control system of concrete batching plant

Mar 12, 2020

Performance of electric control system is very important to a concrete batching plant. So, the electric control system must be guaranteed to follow the working process when a concrete batching plant is working. Next, HAOMEI will introduce some request for electric system.


1. The whole working procedure must be automatic under the control of electric system when the concrete batching plant is working. That is to say, in the whole working process of a concrete batching plant, there is no need of many operators to accomplish it.

2. Electric control system can automatically remove supernumerary weight and revise head loss when weighing system is set. The weighing system should have the function of deduction to assure the accuracy effectively when a single material is weighted. In addition, a visual alarm device should be installed in the weighing system.

3. Electric control system must achieve an easy input and easy operation and as well it can help to adjust and revise each set point correctly. In addition, electric control system must have the feature of self-locking and interlock to assure the reliable move. To some common troubles, the electric control system should be able to test the troubles and give an alarm.

4.concrete batching plant sometimes may work at might, so lamp is in need. Lamp is a part of electric control system. Therefore, electric control system must assure flexible control of the lamp.