The entire operating process of concrete mixer

Mar 12, 2020

Echnical staff of Haomei concrete mixer will detail the entire operating process of concrete mixer for you, hope which will help the new comers quickly master the operative skills. In general, the common concrete mixer is widely used in construction, roads, bridges, hydropower engineering and small concrete structures plant.


Five steps safely operating concrete mixer:

1, start the mixing button of concrete mixer and ensure the batching shaft runs smoothly;

2, feed aggregate, cement and sand to the hopper, and the feeding order: gravel, cement, sand;

3, start the lifting motor of concrete mixer lifting motor, so that the feed hopper to rise to the top end of the track, to the stirring barrel after unloading the materials, should immediately be hopper operation to track the lowest position, so that the next cycle feed;

4, manipulation of concrete mixer volume of water supply pump button, start work, adding proper amount of water to the mixing drum;

5, stirring for 25-30 seconds, manipulation of tilting turbine reducer button, stirring cylinder in turbine reducer drive, along the agitator axis rotated for a certain angle, material along the discharge port discharge;

6, concrete mixer discharging end, manipulation of tilting turbine reducer button, restored to working condition of mixing drum. After completing a cycle of work, it will process the next operating cycle.