The serious failure of the concrete batching plant

Mar 27, 2020


Concrete batching plant is an important equipment to construction projects what water is to fish.Fish cannot live wtihout water and the construction projects will perform unsmoothly without batching plant.So you should keep your batching plant in good situation which can accelertate the process of projects . Once there is something wrong with your batching plant,it will affect the speed of your construcion.Doing these can reduce the serious failure of concrete batching plant from a very large extent.What are the serious failure?

Stirring motor burned out;Compulsory mixer shovel arm broken;Batching plant supporting host bearing damage caused seal failure;Batching stations stir to enhance the agency s transmission system the gear shaft Eng parts damaged; concrete Batching plant belt conveyor belt breakage;Bucket elevator machine chain with fracture;Hopper lifting mechanism wire rope break causing hopper rail on the rack severely deformed, damaged;Excessive noise, dust concentration is too high ;Computer control system command failure. Movement disorders, the need to replace the important electronic components.Besides,we have specialized in concrete batch plant for many years and we focus greatly on our products quality and with such quality our products have been receiving admiration by clients from over 30 provinces in China and royal clients from overseas.