What is the concrete batching plant

Mar 25, 2020


Concrete batching plant cylinder ingredients upper part of the raw material hopper set heightening board, multi-to increase material storage capacity, the lower part of the weighing hopper: the ingredients Ha can be equipped with an overall measurement bucket, concrete batching plant materials with turn into the same weighing hopper measured separately, can also be set in each of the ingredients sects bucket, complete metering of material from the bottom of the belt conveyor into the next link.

Concrete batching plant general engineering common the two belts ingredients and cylinder ingredients, belts ingredients upper part of the raw material storage hopper, the lower part of the weighing hopper bottom discharge conveyor belt storage hopper for storage pending with raw materials the bottom of the hopper mouth Founder ingredients conveyor belt.

Concrete batching machine’s main role, accurate delivery of a variety of materials, so long as the grain bulk materials such as: gravel concrete batching plant price, coal concrete batching plant, grain, raw materials, slag, ceramic, etc. can be distribution, concrete batching machine is also widely used in : aerated concrete bricks and the light wallboard and other building materials industry, coal mine Wall construction sand and gravel ingredients, chemical raw materials configuration.