concrete batching plant needing regularly checked

Sep 25, 2019


Concrete batching plant is composed by mixing motor, gravel, cement proportioning device support warehouse, skirt hoist, cement screw conveyor and other major discrete components. The features the mixing chamber is arranged above the gravel storage hopper, cement weighing bucket, water additive weighing bucket, the bucket bottom with reversible butterfly door cylinder control, to achieve the weighing material one-time quickly to the mixing chamber feeding, improves the concrete batching practical ergonomics, the apparatus inherits the general mixing station shift convenient installation configuration flexibility and the advantages of high efficiency mixing building.Components need to be regularly checked of concrete batching plant:

1, gas road closed, oil level and drainage; inspection sensor is normal;

2, belt machine head sweeping device adjustment, adjust the belt cleaning device;

3, aggregate conveying equipment: check the belt running and interface; check the feed cylinder movement and the situation of hopper door;

4, check the operation of belt roller; check the motor is running, the temperature rise is normal;

5, regular check the oil level of driving drum;6, power lines and lighting conditions;

7, check whether the drive roller positioning screws and oiling screw is loose;

8, sprinklers work abnormal, transfer station hopper wear and adhesion of the cleaning, oiling lubrication points.

9, motor, water pump operation;

10, water valve leak; check the pump oil chamber of the liquid, insufficient should immediately add;

11, check the fluid level in the pool at any time;Haomei Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd offers.

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