Hydraulic system Maintenance of concrete mixer truck

Oct 09, 2019

The hydraulic system of concrete mixer truck is the core part of the entire mixer operation. If the hydraulic system fails, and the maintenance is not timely, the concrete will be solidified in the mixing tank, which will lead to great losses. Therefore, in daily use, the operation and maintenance must be in accordance with the correct method. The following introduce you 8 points of the concrete mixer truck hydraulic system maintenance which need to pay attention to.


1, when the new car is used for 50 hours, we should tight the bolts of fixed pump, motor and reducer.
2, Before starting work, we should check the hydraulic oil tank about the oil color and oil level, and fill the oil or replace according to the situation.
3, during working, we should pay attention to check the hydraulic tank filter and vacuum gauge to prevent the excessive oil return resistance of filter due to poor oil quality, if the resistance is too large, the filter should be removed and replaced, or even replace the hydraulic oil.
4, always check the pump and motor, check whether there is hydraulic oil leaks in the connection part, whether the interface is loose, especially the hydraulic pump suction pipe is easily loosen and lead to air in the pipe, resulting in system noise and oil out from tank.
5, keep hydraulic system fan surface radiator clean to ensure good cooling effect, pay attention to whether the fan is in rotation.
6, the cold start (especially in winter), run at least 20 minutes before recharge.
7, put the hydraulic pump lever into the middle position every start time, do not push the jerk during operate the hydraulic pump, during change direction, the operation level must be placed in the middle of the stagnation for more than 5 seconds.
8, if encountered poor road conditions, be careful for driving to avoid damage to reducer main bearing.

Regular maintenance and repair of concrete mixer truck hydraulic system will reduce maintenance costs and eliminating unnecessary trouble in daily work.