piecemeal reform upgrading concrete mixer truck

Oct 30, 2019


To further optimize the sound performance concrete mixer truck, and give full play to the potential of the device, people combined with the actual production of the vehicles underground improved and perfected.

1:concrete mixer truck Installation of an electronic eye driving safer

Cab windows before setting the car less, causing the driver when the driver field of vision, visual blind spot is large, there are security risks. In response to this situation, the mines in the rear and right side of the cab windows were added, and increased the area of the front windshield. While reversing radar installed in the car and reverse image, Heavy Equipment the driver can be clearly observed in the cab to the rear of the vehicle to avoid the blind and visually the presence of security risks reversing the driver when driving to ensure the safety of driving.

2:concrete mixer truck "Seat" to "soft seat" driving more comfortable

Transformation of the former seat of the cab car spring-adjustable seat, drivers encounter bumps when driving, the vehicle will follow along with the seat up and down shaking, the driver's head often touched the cab roof, likely to cause injury. In order to eliminate this safety hazard, people will be adjusted by the driver's seat instead fixed on the ceiling and move six centimeters, so that the driver whether parking or traffic, the head will no longer hit the roof, driving change more comfortable and more secure.

3:concrete mixer truck adds no protective cover spilled material

Previously, when the car in the underground transport of concrete mixer machine due to the gap between the hopper and tank too prone to sprinkle material phenomenon, is not conducive to the production of underground civilization, but also caused a waste. Mine between the hopper and tank adds new adjustable hood that can be adjusted according to the actual distance between the hopper and tank to make closer links between the two, to solve the problem of spilled material.